Busy Busy Busy

By Carole Adams

BUSY is not a sign of “healthy”
BUSY is not a synonym for success
BUSY does not necessarily mean you’re running away
But it could!

BUSY fills up the time
BUSY gives meaning to the minutes
BUSY does not just happen while you aren’t paying attention
Yet it seems like it does!

BUSY says you can (must) “multi-task”
BUSY assures “satisfaction” at the end of the day
BUSY does not promote efficiency and organization
Even though it promises to!

BUSY has no time for loved ones
BUSY has no patience for self-nurturing
BUSY walks in and walks out of a thousand doors a day
And it never stops!

BUSY is a promise to DO something
BUSY is another promise to GO somewhere
BUSY doesn’t always overlap other BUSY appointments
But too often it does!

BUSY becomes a spiral—down the “rabbit hole”
BUSY moves so fast that there is finally an inversion
BUSY’s black hole is despair, depression, disgust
And definitely insomnia!

BUSY makes you sick, tired, achy, no good to anyone
BUSY asks for more sugar, more caffeine, no exercise
BUSY makes you believe you’re “in control”
But mostly you aren’t!

BUSY looks good on your resume
BUSY feels good when you’re bragging to friends
BUSY promises you will someday get it all done!!
But you never do!!

So, be aware of the signs of BUSY
Let yourself untie the knots of BUSY
Simplify and let go of BUSY
You deserve better than BUSY!!

* * * * *

B e rather than do

U phold the principles

S implicity, serenity, solitude

Y ou are THAT!


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