Going Somewhere?

GoingSomewhereIt would seem at this point at any rate (given that few people read the Simple Reality books) that very few people will read this essay. That’s OK since there will always be plenty of non-existent time in the non-existent future to do that.  It also seems that most people don’t have the time for that which doesn’t exist because they are too busy traversing time and space; that is to say, they are busy going someplace. Where is everyone going in such a hurry?

We are hopefully beginning to learn that most people are busy pursuing plenty, pleasure and power. But these things don’t exist either, right? Oh my! What a conundrum. No wonder we are stressed out, confused and angry. Is life some sadistic cosmic joke? Not really; but we would do well to slow down and think for one non-existent second. Why are we here? There is an answer to all of this and it’s pretty simple.

So what’s the hurry: Where are we going? Nowhere! How much time do we have? Eternity! So let’s slow down, relax and have a good time!

We are here to have fun. We are here to use our intellects to play. We are here to create, solve problems in the arena of form while receiving feedback from our senses. Our five senses provide the musical accompaniment, the pleasure of food and drink; and we are meant to sing and dance at the party which is our life. And we are NOT meant to take all of that experience as ULTIMATE reality. And furthermore, we will miss the whole experience if we are not PRESENT.

Reality, you see, is something much simpler than all of that racing hither and yon. We have nowhere to go because we are already there and always have been. We can turn to the poet T. S. Eliot for clarification. Paraphrasing his insight (acknowledging the non-existence of time and space) he said: If we stop reacting long enough and take a deep breath, we will realize that we have arrived at the place that we never left and experience it for the first time in the eternal Now beyond non-existent time.

The human intellect is indeed impressive: it will provide for us wonderful experiences; and it has found incredible “ways” and “means” with which to move people around the planet and into outer space. But all of this has nothing to do or at least little to do with why we are here.

We are not here to make a lot of noise with our Harleys, Hummers or helicopters. We are here to be quiet.

We are not here to join our fellow-travelers on motor coaches, space ships or river cruises. We are here to find solitude, to be comfortable in our aloneness.

We are not here to be transported, we are here to be transformed. We are not here to move through time and space, we are here to be still.


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