Imprisoned by Prayer

ImprisonedPrayerDoes prayer work? Absolutely! And yet as you might not suspect, prayer is responsible for the human condition. And the fact that humanity lives in a literal hell does not speak well for prayer. Hence, prayer is responsible for the hellish human condition. Outrageous! We know, we know, don’t get your knickers in a twist. We will make our case but you will have to calm down and keep an open mind.

The following are our compelling basic assumptions: First, human beings individually and collectively create their own reality. How do they do this? Through the creative process and that process involves “thinking.” Prayer is a form of thinking that brings about “change.” Secondly, all thinking is basic to the creative process and brings about change. Therefore, thought is prayer and prayer is thought. Thinking is praying and we are continually involved in thought. Since the human mind rarely is at rest when we are awake, we are always “praying.” And finally, praying has created the human condition which we all know is unsatisfactory. Prayer creates suffering.

Awareness is the only human activity that can alleviate suffering. Awareness involves present moment consciousness or living in the “Now.” Conventional prayer and awareness are mutually exclusive. Prayer requires an attachment to a desired outcome which we imagine will occur in the future—outside the present moment. So by definition then we are not awake or present when praying and therefore cannot attain the wonderful equanimity that awareness offers—the freedom from human suffering. If we are not present or free—we are imprisoned. What imprisons us? Prayer does. So for God’s sake, stop praying!


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