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How is progress defined in the global village?  There are undoubtedly many definitions of how humanity moves forward.  In this book we have chosen a simple definition.

Progress – creating a sustainable human community on our planet where compassion is the highest and most life-enhancing behavior.

Most people probably assume the disciplines of science and philosophy would have made significant contributions to the evolution of humanity.  Defining progress as relative change and intellectual problem-solving, that would be true.  Defining progress as creating consciousness, reducing self-destructive reactive behaviors, peace of mind and compassion, then we would have to say, science and philosophy have failed us.

Mystics, however, come to our rescue.  they act as “midwives” of the deeper truths that are not congruent with current beliefs.  Many have contributed to this book.

Simple Reality is fundamentally a pragmatic strategy for behavior modification.  The Point of Power Practice will gradually free a committed aspirant from his own mental delusions.

Quieting the mind and focusing on inner silence allows our natural state, our True self, to emerge.  A discipline like the Point of Power Practice is required to realize Oneness and make possible the full experience of the Now.  It is at the heart of creating a sustainable global community.

Welcome to the Simple Reality Project.

Roy Charles Henry


The printed book Science & Philosophy: The Failure of Reason in the Human Community