Behold, the Sun

What is the distinction between one who is awake and one who is unconscious? Adhering to the principal of simplicity we would expect that distinction to be obvious and yet as easy as it is for the intellect to grasp, it seems to present a challenge to most of us when it comes to internalizing the implications of living in the present moment.

The following analogy might help. We have all experienced the distinction between a sunny day and a cloudy day. During a cloudy day, we know that the sun is “up there” but hidden behind the clouds. We can see the light that penetrates the clouds and sometimes even feel the warmth of the sun through the clouds. No one could convince us that the sun is not there even though we cannot see it.

And so it is (or should be) with the false self and the True-self. Within each of us there is the same “essence,” the same perfect True-self which is always “up there” or perhaps we should say “in there.” With some of us, the people with “sunny” dispositions (the compassion which characterizes their behavior) are not often obscured by the “clouds” of their reactions. They seem to know that the most satisfying life is one lived in service to others.

With those of us who are more prone to be triggered by our past conditioning in the context of P-B, we find our True-self “clouded” by our reactions. The “sun” of our True-self is always there but is often obscured by the “cloudy” behavior of our false self, deluded by fear.

This analogy is indeed simple and yet it holds the answer to virtually all human suffering. Each of us has the inner wisdom to banish the darkness from our lives. Darkness after all has no actual substance, it is merely the absence of light, the sun temporarily obscured.

Those who come to believe in Oneness, the demonstrable Truth that all of Creation is interconnected, interrelated and interdependent, find themselves living in a very friendly, warm and joyful world filled with light.


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