#168 – Inner Wisdom

“Humanity as a whole is a metaphor for a Punch and Judy show. To be the humans we think we are we would have to be autonomous (have freedom of choice), logical (capable of rational decisions), perceptive (able to distinguish illusion from reality), and compassionate (able to identify with fellow human beings who are in all respects exactly like us). Our behavior suggests that we are seldom exhibit any of these behaviors. Our behavior suggests that we are more like the doll-like creature dangling from strings controlled by someone or something else. I am suggesting an ‘analogy” where something is like something else or similar to something else but a ‘metaphor” where humans are puppets.” (1)

“To some degree many of us sense that there has to be something more profound, a deeper truth that underlies being human. Many don’t show up at the polls to vote because they sense that it is a rigged game with lobbyists, politicians and oligarchs deciding the actual outcomes. Many of us don’t trust banks, insurance agents and mutual fund advisers with our money because we suspect that there is a shell game going on where the insiders know where the pea is hidden but we can only guess (the pea is our money but others are eating most of the pea soup). (1)

“We volunteer for foreign wars or support our children who do. Patriotism is, after all, a necessary virtue for citizens of a democracy. Many of us suspect that the demagogues and jingoistic flag-wavers have a hidden agenda where profit and power are the hidden goals. When the caskets and the shattered bodies and minds of our loved ones begin landing at the airport, we notice the government tries to keep the photographers away as the planes are unloaded if they can get away with it. The message is clear that any criticism of the war at this point would only reveal our disloyalty.” (1)

“We dutifully attend our churches, synagogues, temples and mosques. Many of us suspect that these hierarchical, male-dominated institutions provide a shield and a refuge for diseased, deluded and self-righteous hypocrites who prey on the fear inherent in a vicious narrative by peddling a judgmental, unconscious and cruel god. Only they can cut a deal with Jehovah to keep the obedient and faithful from eternal suffering.” (1)

Especially how do we cut the strings with the ubiquitous communications technology where many of us find ourselves bombarded with more information than we can possibly “take in?” How do we sort out what’s useful and important from that which is little more than “static” on the airwaves? How do we distinguish reality from illusion? How can we “cut” the strings that control us?

To find the answer to those and other questions, click on the link below.

Insight # 168:  For man—by his compliance with divine law—brings order out of chaos, by his disregard brings chaos and destructive forces into his experience.”    Edgar Cayce in Reading 416-7   (2)



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