ABC’s of Simple Reality


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Humanity is trapped in a story of its own making that most of us sense is not going to have a happy next chapter let alone a satisfactory ending. We have misunderstood the nature of reality to be one of materiality. That is to say, we think that reality is “out there” or “up there.” It is not. Our challenge is to transcend the old narrative to one that is in harmony with how life in the universe really works. Do not make the mistake and think that such a “high-sounding” goal is difficult. It is not. Philosophers, theologians, cosmologists, mythologists and physicists may have made transcendence sound as if it is complicated. It is not. Mystics, meditation teachers, gurus and priests have led many of us to believe that transcendence will take a long time and can only be accomplished by super “spiritual athletes.” They are wrong. Now it is up to us to support our contention.

Human beings are complex organisms and we were designed to function successfully on this planet, otherwise we would not be here. However, we dare not try to create a sustainable human community without reading the instruction manual. That manual is included within each person and it explains how we are to be “put together.”

Read the following set of instructions as a blue-print which pictures all of the working parts of the human organism and their relationship to each other. This Simple Reality manual also clarifies how each of us is “one” with the rest of humanity, interrelated, interdependent, and interconnected. We have all been created to function independently if need be or as a sustainable and harmonious whole if properly assembled. All other heretofore unconscious strategies have failed; it’s time to read the instructions. It will be a shame if even one of us does not learn to express the unique gift that we are to Creation as a whole, and if the Global Village sat mute with its “Unfinished Symphony” yet to be performed.

In order to shift from the current human condition, an unsustainable paradigm B, to a sustainable paradigm A, a clear and profound distinction, must be made between the two. To that end I offer The ABC’S Of Simple Reality. It is best to read this material after reading about Simple Reality online or in print.

The content of the Simple Reality material outlines the basic concepts and terminology that form the foundation necessary for the reader to experience the difference between paradigms B and A. Notice that I said “experience” and not “understand.” A paradigm shift is not fundamentally a matter of intellectual comprehension but an “insight” involving our intuitive inner wisdom. We “feel” our way across the chasm between the old and new narrative; we do not “think” our way in a logical, linear, sequential way from concept to increasingly complex concept. Please keep your intellect subordinate to your intuition—we already know this material—but most of us haven’t felt it for a very long time.

Roy C. Henry
March 2017



The ABC’s of Simple Reality:
The Encyclopedia of Self-Transformation  (2018)

Volume I:  A – M
Volume II:  N – Z

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