#171 – Who Does He Think He Is?

Very few people on our beautiful planet know who they are. Our true identities are obscured by the story that contains us and the fear generated by that narrative. Our false identity feeds off of that fear. Who does he think he is? This phrase is usually used by someone who thinks that the person being referred to is acting uppity, arrogant or “better than.” Such behavior is offensive, of course, but is that what is really happening?

There are few people in the Global Village that are more offensive than the current (2019) chief executive of the U.S. Who does he think he is? He thinks he is successful, powerful, and a clever strategist. He is none of these! If he lived in the paradigm he imagined for himself he might be that guy but that is not where he finds himself. He is, like most of the rest of us, creating a world-wide catastrophe for our species because who we truly are is radically different than who we think we are.

So what is this radically different self that is our true identity? “The True self is the shy [quiet], still small voice heard [felt] in contemplative silence. It is what is referred to in the statement ‘I am That.’ It is beyond the ego and any sense of a separate ‘I’ or ‘self.’ It is timeless and eternal. It has always been and always will be. It exists in the present moment or the Absolute [Paradigm A] and is not found in the relative [Paradigm B] nor in the past or future. The True self is detached from craving and aversion and has no desire to have, know or do anything. It is profoundly free. The True self has no history, and no process of ‘becoming’ because it simply is. Therefore it can only be ‘felt’ when all processes cease.” (1)

To continue examining “divergent” thinking around the subject of a both a paradigm and an identity shift click on the link below.

Insight # 171:  “The false self is ultimately an illusion. It is external, the self of ‘form,’ the ‘I,’ the ego, the unconscious, the collective unconscious and the shadow.”  (1)



  1. Henry, Roy Charles. Who Am I?  Simple Reality, October 2013, pages 13-14.

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