Contrapuntal Tapestry

There’s always a danger that the act of analysis will
tarnish the act of wonder.
Stephen Hough, pianist

Artistic expression in the context of Simple Reality has its correspondence in the whole of Creation. For example, when listening to Glen Gould play Bach’s Goldberg Variations we hear the counterpoint some say was first used by Bach. Counterpoint is a technique of combining two or more melodic lines in such a way that they establish a harmonic relationship while retaining their linear individuality. The individual melodic line or “strand” complements the whole much as an individual thread enhances the texture and color of a tapestry.

Likewise, we as individuals compliment and enhance the beauty of Creation and are an inseparable part of the whole. For example, the bee is a melodic line that compliments the melodic line of the rose and cannot be separated from the “composition” without destroying (literally) the harmony of the whole. Having a dualistic or shattered conception of Creation as most of humanity does, is destroying the texture, the beauty, the harmony of Creation. We are each an important thread in the counterpoint of Nature’s symphony. Without our melodic line a dissonance is heard, the texture of the tapestry of life is torn.

Like Bach we are all both composers and performers, designers and weavers of life’s tapestry. We make choices that when in response to our experience of Creation sound like Glen Gould at the keyboard. When we see ourselves as separate from other members of the orchestra, deluded and in reaction, we create an ugly cacophony. We can all become quiet and hear the melodic line, place our hands on the keys and like Bach, play one measure with the left hand and one with the right and hear the perfect blend of the counterpoint that is the celestial symphony of the present moment.


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