#156 – We Have Met the Deplorables and …

In this holographic world, everyone is you and
you are always talking to yourself.

We introduce this essay with one of the most radical discoveries in all of science, the hologram. The implications of this aspect of reality is both profound and practical for all of us and we ignore it at our peril as Pogo tried to warn us.

We do not offer this introduction as a provocative “fringe” theory of physics but as the underlying reality of the human condition.

When Hillary Clinton referred to a certain American demographic as “deplorable,” during the 2016 presidential campaign, exactly whom was she talking about? And when American cartoonist Walt Kelly had his cartoon character Pogo say about members of our species, “We have met the enemy and it is us!” what did he mean? Are these two memes possibly related and if so how? Can we be talking about something much more profound than many of us might suspect?

Most of us are aware of these two elements or memes in our culture since they have been passed from one person to another over the internet or other communications media over the years. But that does not mean we understand the deeper meaning of the human behavior revealed by these expressions.

Let’s continue with what Ms. Clinton was really saying as revealed by “reality” as opposed to the “illusion” most of us believe we are experiencing. In truth she was “projecting.” “We project by attributing [a] quality to the other person in an unconscious effort to banish it from ourselves, to keep ourselves from seeing it within.” (2)  Yes, in reality, she was talking to herself. We all project those qualities within our shadow that we have repressed and don’t want to acknowledge because it is too painful to do so.

The other reality we have introduced is that we are all responsible for the self-destruction of our Global Village. That too, is a catastrophe we don’t want to look at. To acknowledge our role in being our own enemy, the other that we all fear, is a little too mind-boggling, too out-of-alignment with our self-concept. (The self-concept is an idea of the “self” or our identity constructed from the beliefs one holds about oneself and the reactions of others.)

You were warned that we were embarking on a divergent look at reality but we are not finished. Again, we caution you about clicking on the link below.

Insight # 156:  “Projection on the Ego Level is very easily identified: if a person or thing in the environment informs us [then we are ‘responding’ and] we probably aren’t projecting; on the other hand, if it affects us [then we are ‘reacting’ and the] chances are that we are the victim of our own projections.” (1)



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