The Intellect Supreme

One of the most salient differences between paradigms A and B is the relative importance of the intellect. In P-B the intellect is dominant and is believed to offer the best hope for humanity in solving our problems. Health problems, it is commonly believed, will be relieved by new medicines, enemies will be overcome with new weapons, and problems related to transportation by new vehicles and roadways. The common belief is that humankind has at least a good chance of “thinking” its way out of the dilemma created by problems as they arise.

The Renaissance statue of Hercules and Antaeus, c. 1470, by Antonio del Pollaiuolo is an expression of this reliance on the intellect. The statue is the culmination of an episode in the life of Hercules. He is traveling through Libya which was ruled by the giant Antaeus, son of the gods Poseidon ruler of the sea and Gaia, ruler of the earth. Hercules had to agree to fight with Antaeus to get permission to travel through Libya. Antaeus drew his strength in battle from contact with his mother earth. Quickly realizing this as they began their struggle, Hercules lifted Antaeus from the earth and crushed him to death. “The allegorical message of this battle was that earthly desires could be conquered by the intellect.”

The insights of our True self enable us to realize that the Herculean efforts of the intellect have failed humanity and our “earthly desires,” our false self survival strategy, has left us powerless. Our only choice is to choose a narrative that brings us back to the present moment where we are “grounded” in Simple Reality. In this context we will learn to rely on the still small voice within—our intuition—rather than the powerless intellect.


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