#125 – Dead Man’s Hand

All of humanity is holding the same hand in a card game they cannot win—a “dead man’s hand.” Wild Bill Hickok held that hand of black aces and eights when he was assassinated in a saloon in Deadwood, Dakota Territory in 1886. Our analogy is not as great a “reach” as you might think.

One representative player of the our poker game is Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teen who is trying to motivate her fellow humans to win a hand of poker related to global warming. “Greta Thunberg, 16, thinks adults are failing. The polar ice caps are melting, sea levels and temperatures keep rising and grown-ups, she says, are barely doing anything to help. She has called out [called the bluff] of those in power—government officials and wealthy business figures—who could make the necessary changes to lower the emissions that are causing climate change, but aren’t.” (1)

There is no way that Greta and her fellow “card players,” however sincere and well-meaning can win the global poker game. They are holding a “dead man’s hand.” Is there any way that anyone who chooses can walk out of the “saloon” in Deadwood alive despite being dealt a “bad” poker hand?

As all poker players know, there are many versions of the game. The game that is being played in the Global Village today is called “Oneness.” In this version all of Creation, including all humans, are interdependent, interrelated and interconnected. Unless everyone agrees to a common strategy in the game, the cards we have to play will end up being a “dead man’s hand” for all of us.

Click on the link below to find out how to play your winning hand even if the rest of humanity chooses to “die in Deadwood.”

Insight # 125:

We lay waste our power
Getting and spending
Little we see in nature that is ours
We have given our hearts away.



  1. Sengupta, Somini. “The Girl Who Started a Climate Rebellion: Greta Thunberg.” The New York Times for Kids, July 28, 2019, pages 8-9.

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