#89 – Insight

Anyone can have profound insights into the nature of reality. That is because everyone’s true identity has a perfect connection to the flow of wisdom from the source of Creation. Proof of the pudding you ask? Voila!

The definition of intuition is when we can grasp the difference between what is true and what is not true. We should listen very carefully to those of us who are insightful because such people are very rare in our communities. In a sense, they can help point the way to a sustainable future for the Global Village.

Erykah Badu is both a singer and an actress interested in enlightenment who has had some profound insights. Of course, that’s just our opinion, you will have to decide for yourself. Let’s begin with the distinction between response and reaction. Our emotional conditioning includes “triggers” which cause emotional reactions which are the source of our pain and suffering. Equanimity or enlightenment is responding to or accepting whatever happens in our life. No resistance or emotional reactions means no pain or suffering.

Here is what Badu has to say on that distinction—in her own words: “Critical thinking may lead to logical solutions, but it’s a delicate process because we are all very delicate. Proper healing is the key. It takes the entire community. This mending takes practice because it’s difficult to not always be led emotionally and impulsively.” (1)

Fear is the source of all human reactions and love, especially romantic love can masquerade as a response to life. “I can be misunderstood for a while, but love is not difficult to misunderstand. Love looks like compassion, forgiveness, kindness and consideration, nonjudgment, creativity. And fear looks like denial, hate or pain. I’m sorry, not pain, but to cause pain, jealousy, envy, hunger for power.” (1)

Most of us spend our days bouncing back and forth between the responses of our True self and the reactions of our false self. Insights help us consciously experience the difference and to change the ratio in favor of equanimity. This insight is the key to creating a sustainable human community.

Insight # 89:  The affirmation involved is one of transcendence, in which for a time a person affirms his reality in flesh and at the same time states his independence from it—and realizes that both of these conditions exist simultaneously.  – Seth



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