#18 – Are Males Really Necessary?

Dear Men, Just b/c we don’t need you anymore doesn’t mean we don’t WANT you! Love forever, Women.

This tweet by Sarah Silverman is more, much more than a tongue in cheek dig by the delightful and devilishly divine Sarah. “The Y chromosome was shedding genes and wilting into a mere remnant of its once mighty structure. Y declinists were arguing that, from sperm count to social status, men were vanishing, Snap-chat-style.”   (1)   Given their behavior toward women perhaps it’s just as well!

Is it time that the dominant sex surrender the roles of leader and protector? Can the swaggering hyper-masculine mavens in Washington make America great again? Not a chance—because we humans don’t make those decisions—Mother Nature does. Dr. David Page, an evolutionary biologist discovered that evolution is favoring the female chromosome over the male. “He painted a picture of the Y as ‘a slovenly beast,’ sitting in his worn armchair, surrounded by boxes and pizza crusts.”   (1)

It’s common knowledge these days that sex and the struggle for power are intimately linked but are we using that insight to address human behavior? “The masculine libido and its accompanying forces and pathologies drive so much of culture and politics and the economy, while remaining more or less unexamined, both in intellectual circles and in private life.”   (2)

Getting back to reality having had our fun, we can let males off the hook. Our species’ failure to create a sustainable human community is neither chromosomes evolving too slowly nor males behaving like cave men. We don’t have to wait for changes of any kind, we are ready to upgrade human behavior now. But first, we need to notice a few basic principles relating to our beliefs, attitudes and values. What are those? Follow the link below to find out.

Insight # 18:  Among the many causes of the neurotic and paranoid society we have in the Global Village today is the imbalance between masculine and feminine ideals.



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