The Human Community

Where We Have Been
Where We Are Now
Where We Are Going


Chapter 1 – The Human Community: Where We Have Been

Chapter 2 – The Human Community: Where We Are Now

Chapter 3 – The Future of the Human Community

Chapter 4 – Insights – Community and Simple Reality


Nothing in our experience causes us more pain and suffering than the realization that we are failing to create a sustainable global community. Where did we go wrong? Are we capable of changing direction and exactly how would we do that?

This book, the fifth in the Simple Reality Project, focuses on the history of the human community, on human behavior in the present global village community, and finally on how we might or might not want to express community in the future.

We can all come together and choose to create a radically more satisfying experience of life by admitting what is really happening or continue in our behaviors of denial and distraction. Are we going to choose to wake up or will we choose to perpetuate our current nightmare?