Why Modern Civilization Is Collapsing and What Some Very
Insightful People Have Told Us About How to Avoid It


All’s well that ends well.

Humanity does not need any more sages commonly defined as profound philosophers or people of uncommon intellect. Nor do we need any sage advice characterized by wisdom, prudence and good judgment. Smart people with high IQs are of little use as we attempt to meet the challenge of creating a sustainable human community.  The relative/reductionist worldview of the intellectual is the natural outcome of an intelligence created to solve the problems of living in the material world and is not useful in transcending that highly impermanent environment. We do invite them along as a cadre of support but they will be unlikely to complete the process of transformation and transcendence we will accomplish.

Just because we have an ego-driven need to feel special or superior to the rest of Creation doesn’t mean that we are. In fact, we are a part of a perfect whole and would be well advised to try to grasp that reality. Because we are not conscious of these more profound aspects of where we are (worldview) and who we are (identity) we have failed to create a sustainable community (behavior). It is never too late for a naturally intelligent and compassionate animal to evolve in a radically different direction which would be supported by a sympathetic and omniscient creative Intelligence.

We are accompanied on our journey by insightful companions, ordinary and extraordinary, in the flesh and “disembodied,” from the past and in the here and now, walking among us and from beyond conventional norms of time and space. We care nothing for such details since insightful wisdom sings in harmony with our own inner symphony.

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