Just Do It!

Just Do It!
By Roy Charles Henry (b. 1938)

When Nisargadatta Maharaj would become somewhat exasperated after clearly answering the questions of those gathered around him seeking “enlightenment” and they still hadn’t gotten it, he would stop the questioning and say: “Just do it!” Because it is after all only a matter of choosing the present moment which is simple and easy, but one cannot stop and surrender to the intellect. Our fear-driven self lives in there.

Leap into the icy blue water!
You cannot be tentative.
You cannot test it with your toes,
because in that hesitation
you have already decided.

You have chosen comfort,
You have chosen habit,
You have chosen security,
You have chosen death.

Are We There Yet?
Where is there?
In choosing Now
We choose the constant joy
Of always arriving
Into the ever new and unfolding blossom
Beauty beyond time and suffering.

I did not come here to do stuff.
To accomplish, to compete, to strive.
Those that do I fear are not alive.
Just to breathe deeply is enough.

I came here to leap, and twirl with uplifted arms
and feel the sun upon my face.
Life is not some anxious race.

I came here.
All that is left for me
Is to open my heart and be free.


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