#139 – From Reductionism to Wholeness

The journey that our species is currently experiencing is not optional. The goal is to create a sustainable community. We are choosing to cover this terrain without a map. The map exists but fear has us paralyzed and unconscious. If we chose to wake up and consult the map, what would it look like?

“The great shock of twentieth-century science has been that systems cannot be understood by analysis. The properties of the parts are not intrinsic properties but can be understood only within the context of the larger whole. Thus the relationship between the parts and the whole has been reversed. In the systems approach the properties of the parts can be understood only from the organization of the whole. Accordingly, systems thinking concentrates not on basic building blocks [reductionism], but on the basic principles of organization. Systems thinking is ‘contextual,’ which is the opposite of analytical thinking. Analysis means taking something apart in order to understand it; systems thinking means putting it into the context of a larger whole.” (1)

That larger whole is Oneness which is the only worldview that will lead us to the equanimity necessary to create “peace on earth.” The details on the map of Oneness will show us to our destination which will involve modifying our beliefs, attitudes and values. We have all the necessary attributes to make what might seem to be a radical paradigm shift. Let’s begin our journey now!

Insight # 139:   The paradigm shift advocated by the Simple Reality Project is a shift from objects to relationships.



  1. Capra, Fritjof, The Web of Life. New York: Doubleday, 1996, pages 29-30.


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