Read ’em an’ Weep

How are we doin’ in the poker game of life? We are losin’ our shirt and then some. Or if you like a more daring version of the story—a strip-poker version—we are one hand away from full exposure. We will soon be buck nekkid you all!

Are we that inept? Don’t we have any card sense? Not much it seems. How can we do better? Well given the fact that we are the dealer, can choose which cards we are dealt, and know which cards everyone else in the game has, we should clean up.

First, drop the poker face! We don’t need it since we aren’t going to do any bluffin’. Remember, we already know which cards are out there and who has ‘em. In our heart we know this game inside-out.

As any poker player (those that are awake at any rate) knows, it’s no good to have the cards if you don’t play ’em. We all have the cards, but we haven’t bet ’em yet. Fear of losing has us paralyzed and our behavior, not just our face, is shouting PANIC! We have been folding for some time now and the end of the game approaches. Time’s a wastin’.

The time for timid bets and raises is over; we are either all in or were going home in our underwear and home is down a wet, long, long, dark, cold street. And there ain’t nothin’ funny about that.


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