The Power of Suffering

The friendship between the creator of the Star Wars films George Lucas and the mythologist Joseph Campbell revealed that they both had an affinity for mythology. Myths reveal many of the deeper realities of what it means to be human. Campbell spent a lifetime creating a legacy that would, if understood, assist humanity in shifting to a more profound understanding of the genesis of human suffering.

Lucas’ films resonate with his audiences so powerfully because the audience senses something very profound is being revealed—something about them personally. Among the most compelling revelations is that of the shadow possessed by each one of us. “Careful—fear of loss is a path to the dark side, Yoda counsels Anakin.”[i]

We also see the power energy center of the false self adding so much drama and tragedy to the mythological saga which is, of course, the journey that we are all taking. “Power is the drug here. Palpatine’s own journey from political leader to seducer and betrayer reminds us that an absolute shot of power intoxicates absolutely.”[ii]

The Power of Suffering

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