How realistic is it to expect our species to achieve its highest possible expression, namely, a sustainable and compassionate community? Can we be expected to deal successfully with the daunting challenges confronting us on a daily basis? Problems like pandemics, international wars, global warming, suicide, violence and greed, harm to women, children and the aged, the drug trade and international cartels, and organized crime, to name a few.

First, we must transcend the conventional and delusional problem-solving strategies we are offered today at every turn. Perhaps, surprisingly, our intellect does not have the answers. No matter how many innovations or technological advances our “big brain” delivers, we know they are not the solution or else we wouldn’t be facing our current global catastrophe!

And then there is the denial from some who say all this “fuss” will pass or it is just a figment of our imagination. Denial is a very popular coping strategy, employed by millions. But if denial was a viable solution we wouldn’t be facing our current global catastrophe!

In this book we go beyond the range and limits of the known and commonly accepted worldview. We surpass our unconscious defenses, reactions and typical modes of thought. We offer the profound answers needed to create a sustainable global community.

Herein we have shown the way of Transcendence.


Be aware of being conscious and seek the source of consciousness.  That is all.  Very little can be conveyed in words.  It is the doing as I tell you that will bring light, not my telling you.  The means do not matter much; it is the desire, the urge, the earnestness that count.
Nisargadatta [i]


[The Creator] will give thy efforts that necessary force, that necessary power, to quicken even those that are asleep in their own selfishness, in their own self-indulgences, and bring to their awakening that which will make for glorious activities in the earth.
Edgar Cayce [ii]



[i]   Maharaj, Sri Nisargadatta. I Am That. Durham, NC: The Acorn Press, 1973, p. 328. 

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Table of Contents / Transcendence

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