by Roy Charles Henry (b. 1938)

We are shaping a community,
Thought by thought, feeling by feeling.
Guided by the song of Oneness,
Nothing but nothing is alien to us,
As we dance to the music of the global village,
Blessing each church, temple, synagogue and mosque.

Affirming the uniqueness of each costumed player,
Completely at ease on the turning cosmic stage,
Moved by the pulsing, timeless rhythms.
Unlimited by roles, history or creed,
We bend and stretch and twist and turn,
Among flickering shadows, light and dark,
Yin and yang.

We reclaim the long lost planet that is ours
To cherish and nurture again.
Opening our hearts to be taught, enchanted, and
Astounded by the power inherent in the earth, fire, sea and sky.

We dedicate ourselves to true service to our
Brothers and sisters as they climb to the high road.
We praise the spontaneity of the human spirit,
The perfection of our original nature being reborn.

We commit ourselves to our children,
And we know that all wisdom and goodness
Are already in each one of them.
Each child is a joyful expression of universal harmony.

We come together as a community to support each
Individual in their chosen expression as a divine being
To explore the life they have been given without fear.
We know that there are no mistakes, no judgment,
Only consequences that teach
And lift each one to a higher level of consciousness.

We learn joyfully that which flows from our inner wisdom,
For we know that the guidance that we seek
We have known all along.

Through compassion, thorns are turned to roses,
Sickness is transformed into health,
And anger softens into gentleness.
Good fortune is seen in our suffering
And the darkest prison cell becomes filled with light.

We know that love is all there is,
And that we are no longer strangers in a strange land.


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