Excuse Me!

Excuse me! It seems that I’m being ignored. You there! Yes you. Isn’t it time you should be waking up now? Don’t try to pretend that you don’t hear me. Yes, the very thing that you are anxious about is happening, but taking a perpetual nap isn’t going to make it go away. Don’t play dumb with me. Oh, it’s happening alright and now that I have your attention you are going to have to look at it.

Surely you have heard me before. Perhaps I have not made my case with sufficient clarity. As regards your descent into utter chaos, you might have mistakenly assumed that there are going to be mitigating circumstances that will allow you to avoid your inevitable fate. Sorry! There are none. That possibility simply does not exist. Let me mix my metaphors now and try to help you see what is taking place.

First, the Titanic metaphor! I grant you that the ship is sinking so slowly that you think maybe you will die before you feel the ice-cold waters of the North Atlantic. Or maybe you are hoping that someone or something will intervene to save the day. Who? What? Scientists, politicians, psychologists, religious leaders; those people who are smarter than you! There are no people who are smarter than you. The ship is sinking.  You are on it. What are you going to do?

Maybe the Titanic scenario doesn’t work for you. It is a bit overused. How about baseball? You are up to bat with two strikes, the ball has left the pitcher’s hand and you can tell it is a slow sinker coming right across the plate. Shouldn’t you at least begin your backswing, get your eye on the ball and bend your knees? It would be a shame if you struck out before you even knew you were in the game.

Oh! I see. You’re “religious.” Let God handle it. Steady yourself. You might want to sit down and take a deep breath. God? You think the one Mind that’s also your mind, that Oversoul, that Creative Intelligence, is going to absolve you of the very responsibility that is the reason for your being here in the first place? Now you’re getting a little crazy. God organized the game, recruited the players and provided the equipment and funded the league. One thing, however, is missing. No bench. No sitting out this game. You have been waiting on God, is that it? Alas, you have reversed the reality of the situation; in fact, God is waiting on you.

But, of course, you already know all of this, don’t you? You can choose to ignore me, or the still small voice of your own inner wisdom. But that would not be a good idea. Batter up!


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