by Roy Charles Henry (b. 1938)

The following is a science fiction short story—or is it?  You decide!

In the Intergalactic Cosmogonos Laboratory, a senior researcher (SR) is conversing with an apprentice (AP) about the upcoming project both have been assigned to. The device they are using is the Simple Reality SR-Scope.

SR:  I’ve done many of these projects before and it is routine as far as procedures and guidelines go but always fascinating.

AP:  In what way?

SR:  Because of the constant evolution of these planetary environments, the results of the analysis and the outcomes are never predictable. For example our assignment is the planet earth and Homo sapiens, the only extant species of the genus Homo, supposedly, at least according to the name, a “wise” animal. In their present form, they have been evolving within this environment for about four million years.

AP:  Have they made enough progress to qualify?

SR:  That’s what we have to determine. I will operate the SR-Scope and you monitor the recording screen, arrange the visuals and see that my narration is accurately received. You are familiar with this particular process?

AP:  Read about it and used the equipment but haven’t actually created a real recommendation.

SR:  It’s very straightforward and I don’t anticipate any complications.

AP:  What do they do with this recommendation we make?

SR:  Our report is part of what is called an Eonic Inventory, a kind of periodic assessment of which planetary environments have been most successful and would be receptive to an infusion.

AP:  You mean would most likely make good use of increased awareness from the Implicate Order?

SR:  Exactly, you got it. Our job is not hard but it’s important. The SR-Scope will allow us to measure aspects of consciousness, behavioral motivation, identity—that sort of thing—both with individual Homo sapiens and collectives like tribes, gangs, nations, etc. Let’s bring up the Milky Way galaxy on the equipment and get it loaded. I have read the pre-examination report and there are some troubling aspects that I want to zero in on initially.

AP:  What kind of thing is in that report?

SR:  A history of the species focusing on the mega-events in consciousness, not the details. Kind of a “heads up” on what to look for to help speed-up our process—the essence of their story so to speak.

AP:  I’ll admit, of all of the many aspects of Creation, I don’t know much about Homo sapiens or the planetary environment of earth.

SR:  No problem, this SR-Scope will enable us to penetrate to the heart of this particular animal’s nature and prospects for awakening into the NOW. Okay, we have our first reading coming up, let me get this tuned in. Physical health first! They are multiplying in a normal fashion with no abnormal mutations other than—let me examine this one aspect here for a second. OK, it looks like they have not used antibiotics wisely and pandemics are looming on the horizon. Not good!

AP:  OK, I’ve got the visuals and the text for that part of the report.

SR:  Bring up the—see that area labeled the Other Illusion—open that one up. See the levels of violence readings coming up. The varieties of violence, the intensity of emotional reactions, weapons manufacturing, failed or disingenuous overtures of peace—all of that shows that they are caught up in the Other dynamic.

AP:  They must have an intense fear of each other, but aren’t they all the same species?

SR:  Of course they are but this whole evaluation is about the levels of awareness—they simply haven’t been able to grasp the fact that they are all exactly alike and have fallen prey to the illusion that minor differences indicate danger—but there are other aspects of their belief system that feeds into this. Now let’s look at some of those measurements.

AP:  Were they always afraid of each other, I mean from the beginning?

SR:  Yes, that was part of the design of the organism, but they were supposed to benefit from the challenge of transcending those illusions and move on to transcendence, but they got stuck. I read that in the report.

AP:  How did that happen?

SR:  It seems the level of fear overwhelmed them, and they flipped the relationship of their guidance system and the problem-solving aspect of their mind.

AP:  You mean they changed the relative relationship of intuition and intellect?

SR:  Yes and that’s one of the characteristics that I want to get a reading on right now?

AP:  OK, I found it and it’s coming up.

SR:  There, you see, both in the individual samples and in the collectives, the vast majority of Homo sapiens are unaware of the inner resource that they were all born with. They think that they can navigate their paradigm using only a portion of their basic design characteristics.

AP:  Not possible right?

SR:  (sigh) Right.

AP:  It’s like they’re diseased.

SR:  We will have to report that the disease is fear, and the prescription will have to be a change in identity and a radical change in behavior.

AP:  They will have to start over with a new worldview won’t they?

SR:  Yes and they are capable of that.

AP:  How do you know that?

SR:  Several extraordinary Homo sapiens over time have grasped that reality and tried to deliver that message and several were brilliant teachers but for some reason it didn’t result in long-term change.

AP:  The report doesn’t look favorable for this species does it?

SR:  No I think the automatic recommendation dictated by the facts will be that they would not be receptive to an infusion at this time.

AP:  In our report, what should we call this disease?

SR:  Call it Paradigm-B.


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