Intuition and Intellect

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As homo sapiens we are justifiably grateful to possess the powers of human reason. We have used our intellect to move human civilization forward with a number of amazing achievements. But lest we be guilty of hubris, we should be mindful of the indisputable fact that we have yet to create a sustainable human community. Our relative progress won’t ultimately matter if we fail to discover how we harmoniously fit into the resplendently beautiful tapestry of Creation. The following observations will be helpful.

The heart has its reasons, which reason knows not of.
Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)

The following traditional story speaks to the distinction between intuition and the intellect. As God and Satan were walking down the street one day, God bent down and picked up something. He gazed at it as it glowed radiantly in his hand. Satan was curious and asked, “What’s that?” “This,” answered God, “is Truth.” “Here,” replied Satan as he reached for it, “Let me have that—I’ll organize it for you.” And thus began what we experience today as the human condition. Intuition, represented by God, has come to be dominated by the intellect resulting in the human narrative I call P-B. In P-A, the intellect (Satan) is subservient to intuition (God) and regains his status as a “good angel” once again, no longer in rebellion.

The Greeks acknowledged two kinds of knowledge. First, the knowledge acquired with the categories of thinking found in Bloom’s taxonomy with the three higher level thinking skills being analysis, synthesis and evaluation. The second type of knowledge is gnosis or intuitive knowledge. Gnosis means direct knowledge through sense experience, insights and knowingness.

But your ears thirst for the sound of your heart’s knowledge.
Kahlil Gibran 

The head (intellect) has served us well in P-B, and can continue as the problem solver in the world of form.  The intellect can invent machines, discover cures for disease, design buildings, and land humans on the moon, but the intellect is not capable of creating a sustainable future.  Its proper role is subordinate to the heart, serving the higher aspirations of our inner wisdom.  It is only through the heart (intuition) that we connect to our natural state of being, our true identity and to the perfection of Simple Reality.


References available for this article in Trilogy 1 – Where Am I?


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