Paradigm Shift

Taking the Next Step in the Evolution of Human Consciousness


Unless you change your direction you shall surely end up where you are headed.
                                                          Chinese Proverb

A paradigm shift of the magnitude that we are advocating in this book is ultimately a heart-felt experience. Words can only “point” in the direction of the Great Insight (experiencing the nature of Reality as it really is), they cannot give you the experience itself. However, though the intellect cannot “sense” or describe the experience or “feeling” of Oneness, an open mind can provide a gateway to the heart. The soaring words of the poet, for example, can come close to facilitating an experience of Simple Reality.

Jean Houston with her mystic’s prose paints a vivid expansive “universe-scape” of what Oneness might feel like to a human being with a new identity emerging. Our bodies are of the stuff of stars and the minerals of the Earth. Our blood runs briny with the seas, and we ourselves are living planets for billions of little beings, microorganisms and who knows what else. Our genes are universes in themselves, coded with enough information to recreate the world.

Our cells contain the memories of all things past—the birth of stars, the coming of life, the experience of being fish and amphibian, reptile and early mammal, monkey and human, and the lure now calling us from beyond the horizon to enter the next stage of our becoming.  That next stage of our becoming, our natural state, is Simple Reality.

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References and notes are available for this article.
For a much more in-depth discussion on Simple Reality, read
Simple Reality: The Key to Serenity and Survival, by Roy Charles Henry, published in 2011.   

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