Choice, The Great

The Great Choice begins with the question attributed to Einstein. He is reported to have said that the most important question for humanity was: Is the universe friendly or not?

Why is the answer to this question so important? It is because the entire human experience hinges on how we answer the question individually or collectively. If the question is answered with a “no” then human energy is expressed as fear in the creation of the unsustainable narrative that we have called P-B, which is the principle story containing humankind today.

Before we consider the affirmative answer and its consequences it would be well to ask: What do human beings desire? Common answers include meaning, fulfillment, understanding, satisfaction, etc. Most serious “seekers” eventually come to the realization that what they seek is experience—not sensation—but the deeper “feeling,” the deeper heart-felt experience of the present moment, the experience of Simple Reality.

We seek the feeling that we belong here, that it is natural to be here, that we are safe and free. We seek to experience the natural joy, peace and compassion that is an expression of our true nature, our true perfection.

As Nisargadatta says: “I am That.” In his question-and-answer book of the same title he stresses that we are inseparable from the whole of Creation, elegant in its perfection. How could we possibly be flawed or threatened? Such a belief is nonsensical, driven by sensation-based irrational fear which has its origin in the negative response to Einstein’s question.

Hence the only profound answer to: “Is the universe friendly?” would be: “Of course, how could it be otherwise?”

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