Clarity and Confusion

Confusion is an inherent characteristic of P-B, and as Seth confirms, it will take more than positive thinking to reach clarity. “Now if you read a book in your situation that instructs you to contemplate goodness, to turn your thoughts immediately to love and light when you feel irritated, you are in for trouble. Such practices will only serve to make you more frightened of your natural emotions. You will not understand why you have them any better than you did before. You may only hide them more cleverly, and perhaps become ill if, given the situation, you are not already.”[i]

What is the solution to illness and confusion, afflictive emotions and irrational reactions? First, begin the process of obtaining clarity at the level of translation (intellect) by comparing and contrasting P-B and P-A. The Point of Power Practice (transformation) can be employed immediately to begin the reconditioning process of replacing confusing emotional reactions with the clarity of response (feeling).

Next, begin solidifying clarity by meditating on the nature of reality and activating the transformational process by becoming the observer who does not identify with the body, mind and emotions. The paradigm shift will begin to occur at this point and the fog of confusion will begin to lift as the worldview of Oneness is revealed. And finally, complete clarity is reached when the thinking processes of the intellect are transcended and reliance on the True self, reliance on our inner connection to Simple Reality, delivers final liberation from the illusion of confusion.

Clarity and Confusion

[i]     Roberts, Jane. The Nature of Personal Reality. New York: Bantam, 1974, p. 207.

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