Dark Headlights: Synchronicity and Iced Tea

DarkHeadlightsSynchronicity deals with a thought, vision, dream or premonition that is non-causally connected to some outer event. OK, that’s the dictionary definition. For me synchronicity is the intelligence in the Universe giving me directions on how to function successfully in my life. If I stop all the distractions in my life long enough to listen, then my life becomes magical, rich and deliciously mysterious.

Coming home from a film alone on the evening of March 22, 2004, I noticed that my headlights were malfunctioning, going on and off. By jiggling the switch I could get them to come back on but only for a short while and they would go off again. Approaching motorists were flashing me to let me know what I already knew and I was becoming anxious that they would go off and stay off. I had been heading to my favorite Mexican restaurant but now had second thoughts about the safety of that plan. Since I could get the headlights to come back on every time they went off I decided to go ahead and continue on to the restaurant.

I ordered my favorite combination plate and my customary large iced tea (with a refill). I planned at that point to take my car, first thing in the morning to my mechanic to have the switch replaced, which with parts and labor would have cost at least $100. Upon leaving the restaurant, the headlights were no longer malfunctioning. By trusting that my headlights would get me to the restaurant I saved $100.

However, when I tried to get to sleep that night, I realized that I was too wired to sleep thanks to the caffeine in the two glasses of iced tea that was making its way through my blood stream. As I lay awake for two hours the idea for this blog and a book began to take form. The events of the evening starting with the headlights and ending with the iced tea led to the creation of a writing project that might not have otherwise happened. That is synchronicity.


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