Fairy Tales and Awakening

snow whiteThanks to the brothers Grimm and Walt Disney, fairy tales have become almost universally familiar as stories.  Understanding their mythological content would make them valuable as both entertainment and as a source of wisdom.

In Snow White we first meet the false self in the person of the Wicked Queen standing before the mirror expressing her sensation or affection and esteem energy center. “Mirror, mirror, here I stand. Who is the fairest in all the land.” Here competition with the other represses the Queen’s True self and the expression of compassion.

Living in the woods with the seven dwarfs Snow White is plagued by her unconscious choice of reaction instead of response as she succumbs to the temptations of her conditioned false self. The dwarfs save her from her vanity and addictions when a corset is laced almost tight enough to kill her and she places a poisoned comb in her hair. She finally comes close to complete self-destruction by taking a bite of the poisoned apple and falling into a deep sleep that has everyone believing she is dead.

This is the death of the false self and the dark night of the soul before her awakening and paradigm shift into a living myth. It is the energy and power of compassion embodied in the kiss of the prince which acknowledges Snow White’s True self and prompts her awakening.


Find a much more in-depth discussion in books by Roy Charles Henry:
Where Am I?  The First Great Question Concerning the Nature of Reality.
Simple Reality: The Key to Serenity and Survival.


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