Inclusion and Exclusion

A worldview of Oneness demands that we cease all behaviors that are not inclusive. There is no need or justification for institutional or individual behaviors that do not embrace the diversity and richness of all wholesome human expression.

Oneness calls for a secular language understood and used by all humanity acting as a critically important social “glue” to bind us together and to facilitate human interaction. The highest and most gratifying human expression, universal compassion, would be the inevitable result of an inclusive context.

Without the belief in Oneness, we are burdened with the illusion of the other wherein projection becomes an inevitable and tragic human expression. Constantly looking for scapegoats on which to blame our dissatisfaction with a life of continuous suffering—life for most of humanity today is characterized by jealousy, competition for power, violence and anxiety.

Life today in P-B is rife with fear and the accompanying and continuous reactive behavior. When we exclude others from our life we exclude ourselves from the Now and damn ourselves to a life in the dark and hellish narrative of P-B.

It’s time to embrace Oneness.

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