Much Ado About Nothing

The laws of physics are “much ado about nothing” because they are about “things” or physical forms that have no substantial existence. This realm is too ephemeral to matter, i.e., matter is too impermanent to “matter” in a profound sense. It is not profound enough to enter into Simple Reality which means that it is essentially an illusion.

The principles or laws of Simple Reality are, of course, few in number, that is to say, “simple.” One such principle is: Only that which never changes is Real. The corollary would be: that which changes is not real. Therefore, seeking to answer the First Great Question (Where am I?) we arrive at the unavoidable conclusion that Simple Reality is the realm of no-thing-ness, or simply “nothingness” in the Hindu/Buddhist tradition.

If we consider the world of form made “real” by our senses, as our reality, we will be confused and lost in space and time. We can imagine trying to find our way in an environment that is continually changing from desert to jungle to polar whiteout; a context that has no basis in Reality.

In the Now we live in a story not dependent on the deceptive senses, the limited intellect and one that is beyond space and time. You don’t like my explanation of Reality so far? Well, as Lily Tomlin, in her persona as the little girl rocking back and forth in her giant rocking chair put it: “So there, phhhhffffffffffft!

All of the foregoing observations and conclusions based on solid, well-documented human experience, over thousands of years, means that classic Newtonian physics and Cartesian science can be a lot of fun and useful in P-B; we can use those principles to solve problems in the world of physical forms but we dare not take them for Absolute Reality. Those of us who are truly awake and grounded in Simple Reality live in a paradigm radically different from the conventional narrative. Simple Reality is our story. That’s where we all are if you really want to know! That’s the way it is! Take it or leave it! If you’re smart, you’ll take it!


For a much more in-depth discussion on Simple Reality, read Simple Reality: The Key to Serenity and Survival, by Roy Charles Henry, published in 2011.  


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