Truth – Taking Responsibility and The Truth Revealed

Our inability to tell the difference between what is true and what is not true helps explain why we have failed at creating a sustainable human community. The structure of consciousness explains how we have arrived at what amounts to the collective suicide of our Global Village community. Our worldview determines our identity and our identity drives our behavior which has turned out for most of us to be self-destructive.

There are two worldview choices available for each of us as individuals or as collectives be it global, sect, clan, tribe, or nation state. There is a dualistic worldview which has all of the elements of Creation separated and often times functioning independently. Then there is the worldview of Oneness which recognizes that all of Creation is inter-connected, inter-related and inter-dependent. The worldview of dualism has no basis in reality, that is to say, it is not true, which explains why those who have chosen that paradigm have not been able to function successfully on planet earth.

Since most of humanity lives in the dualistic context, they have an identity that is an illusion and also express behaviors that explain our existential fear and the enfolding catastrophe they experience on a daily basis. For too many of us our energies are wasted collecting material stuff, pursuing unsatisfying pleasures and the illusion of power and control over our lives and other people.

For those very few people who chose Oneness as the basis of their narrative they can respond effectively to the Three Great Questions. Those answers form the basis of the transcendent truth all of us are searching for. They know what to say when asked: Where are you?, Who are you? and Why are you here? Upon hearing the answer to those question the listener realizes that she is hearing the description of a perfect Creation by a person experiencing joy, happiness, peace of mind, bliss and compassion.

This book will support the choice of Oneness as your story if you are ready for a change.

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